Marijuana: Good Or Bad?

All Are Welcome

With more and more states legalizing marijuana for recreational or medical purposes, the use of this substance has likely increased substantially. While marijuana use has often been referred to as a “gateway” to other, more hardcore drugs, it also has many proven medicinal uses. If you are considering using cannabis, either to get high or to treat a medical condition and if you’re not sure whether it’s a good or bad idea, here is an overview:

The Good

Obviously, there are many positive aspects of cannabis use that go well beyond getting high. Some reasons that many states have approved marijuana for medicinal purposes is because it can lessen the frequency and severity of seizures, it can promote sleep, therefore treating insomnia, and it can even combat chronic pain as well as anxiety.

The Bad

Just like prescription medications, not everyone will be able to enjoy the positive aspects of using cannabis. Everyone’s body is different and will react differently to the same product. For some people, weed can worsen pre-existing cognitive or mental health issues. Studies have shown that people diagnosed with depression and some other mental illnesses often experience a worsening of their depression, anxiety and/or mental illness.

Researchers have also conducted research on the operation of motor vehicles of drivers while under the influence of marijuana. It has been discovered that there have been an increased amount of car accidents in marijuana users.

If you’re still not sure whether smoking or consuming marijuana-containing products is a good idea, you might want to weigh the pros and the cons, much like when deciding whether prescription medication is worth taking. If you have a good reason for desiring to use marijuana, such as to combat anxiety or chronic pain and the benefits outweigh any negative aspects, then, by all means, use it. However, if you find that smoking or ingesting marijuana causes more side-effects and doesn’t provide the benefits that you expected, you will likely want to refrain from using it.

You won’t know what type of effect marijuana will have on your body unless you try it, so if you’re interested in smoking or consuming it for whatever reason, you will simply need to try it first. You’ll want to make sure that you live in a state where it’s legal, and that you’re not using it in public. Otherwise, hopefully, you will achieve whatever benefit you’re hoping to achieve from using it.